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Greatest and most inspiring DJ's - Producers - and Performers of our time.

Now! has "Evolved forward" with many of the Hidden Gems of the UK scenes, Bhangra Scene! Urban Bhangra! London Urban Scene! Our Advert system is unique by far, Not built on selling you anything or revenue built, The focus is on "Motivation" for the beautiful "Human Race" "coexisting as One" on "Planet Earth".

All presented within One show. if you would like air time into our show. go to our main site use the CONTACT hit us with your sound. When a live event is scheduled the TV will switch over to a live Event - Festival - Club.
We offer the code to our TV show, so your free to embed in your own website, providing you link back to our original site www.bpm-tv.com THE CODE: click to open in new tab or right click and save as, and download http://www.beatpulse.club/sharecode/bpm-tv-code-share.txt